FHA Approved Condos in New York (NY)

Condo Name: Colonial Pines Condominium
Condo FHA ID: P016506
Address: 55-133 Sundridge Dr, Amherst, NY - 14228
Description: 40 Units In 8 Bldgs.
Approved On: 04-16-2013

Condo Name: Newpointe Estates Condominium
Condo FHA ID: P013007
Address: 60 Louden Ave, Amityville, NY - 11701
Description: Project Consists Of 132 Units In 17 Buildings.
Approved On: 11-07-2012

Condo Name: Astor Condominium
Condo FHA ID: P009778
Address: 31-35 31st Street, Astoria, NY - 11106
Description: 1 (7 Story) Building - 81 Residential Units.
Approved On: 05-14-2013

Condo Name: Faith Ridge Condominium
Condo FHA ID: P014192
Address: 1200-1400 Lanrush Way, Baldwinsville, NY - 13027
Description: Proposed 48 Unit Project
Approved On: 07-31-2012

Condo Name: Highland Green Condominium
Condo FHA ID: P003299
Address: 1600 Greymoor Way, Baldwinsville, NY - 13027
Description: 128 Unit Project
Approved On: 02-28-2012

Condo Name: Park Place At North Sayville
Condo FHA ID: P012954
Address: 806 Lincoln Ave, Bohemia, NY - 11716
Description: The Subject Property Is Limited To 72 Single Family Attached Dwelling With Accessory Attendant Facilities
Approved On: 04-26-2013

Condo Name: Briar Manor Condominium
Condo FHA ID: P009995
Address: 14320 Hoover Ave, Briarwood, NY - 11435
Description: 1 Building-41 Units
Approved On: 04-10-2012

Condo Name: Bronxville Glen North Condo**
Condo FHA ID: P014734
Address: 1374 Midvale Ave, Bronxville, NY - 10708
Description: 1 Building - 96 Residential Units
**legal Name: Bronxville Glen North Condominium**
Approved On: 08-27-2013

Condo Name: Symphony Circle Condominium
Condo FHA ID: P003373
Address: Symphony Circle Condominium, Buffalo, NY - 14201
Description: 6 Buildings (1-6), 48 Total Units (8 Units Per Building)
Approved On: 04-04-2012

Condo Name: Misty Hill Condominium
Condo FHA ID: P017002
Address: 101 Misty Hills Land, Carmel, NY - 10512
Description: 49 Units
Approved On: 11-20-2013

Condo Name: Woodland Trail
Condo FHA ID: P003612
Address: 9 Woodland Trail, Carmel, NY - 10512
Description: 85 Units
Approved On: 04-10-2012

Condo Name: Islip Landing Condominium I
Condo FHA ID: P003751
Address: 1 Maya Cir, Central Islip, NY - 11722
Description: Single Phase, 12 Buildings, 67 Units
Approved On: 06-26-2012

Condo Name: Brookfield Condominium Ph Ii**
Condo FHA ID: P016225
Address: 20-32 Brookfield Lane, Cheektowaga, NY - 14227
Description: 4 Buildings - 28 Units
**legal Name: Brookfield Condominium Phase Ii**
Approved On: 11-05-2012

Condo Name: Pebble Creek I Condominium
Condo FHA ID: P003365
Address: 34 Pebble Creek Dr, Cheektowaga, NY - 14227
Description: 40 Unit Project
Approved On: 07-12-2012

Condo Name: Kimberly Condominium Estates
Condo FHA ID: P003351
Address: 4-291 Autumn Chapel Way, Chili, NY - 14624
Description: 94 Units
Approved On: 04-02-2012

Condo Name: Monmouth Way Maintenance*
Condo FHA ID: P003324
Address: Monmouth Way, Clifton Park, NY - 12065
Description: 88 Unit Project. Full Name *monmouth Way Maintenance Association, Inc.
Approved On: 04-17-2012

Condo Name: Powell Cove Estates Condo I
Condo FHA ID: P011598
Address: Lax Ave, College Point, NY - 11356
Description: 5 Bldgs, 61 Units.
Approved On: 03-11-2013

Condo Name: Powell Cove Estates Condo Iii
Condo FHA ID: P015863
Address: Powells Cove Blvd, Weatherly Place, L**, College Point, NY - 11356
Description: 52 Units. **powells Cove Blvd, Weatherly Pl, Lax Ave.
Approved On: 10-31-2012

Condo Name: Powell Cove Estates Ii
Condo FHA ID: P015478
Address: 123-09 Lax Avenue, College Point, NY - 11356
Description: 4 Buildings (building 10-13), 53 Units
Approved On: 02-17-2012

Condo Name: Woodgate At Delmar Condo Ii*
Condo FHA ID: P015781
Address: Leaft; Oak: Chestnut; Willow; Spruce, Delmar, NY - 12054
Description: 62 Residential Units
*condo Legal Name: Woodgate At Delmar Condominium Ii
Approved On: 05-14-2012

Condo Name: Watertree Of Dewitt Condo 2
Condo FHA ID: P016727
Address: Kirkville Road, Dewitt, NY - 13057
Description: 152 Residential Units
Approved On: 05-16-2013

Condo Name: The Commons Of East Greenbush
Condo FHA ID: P003261
Address: Route 4 And Commons Dr, East Greenbush, NY - 12061
Description: 92 Units.
Approved On: 01-07-2014

Condo Name: The Seasons At East Meadow I
Condo FHA ID: P009860
Address: 1475 Front St, East Meadow, NY - 11554
Description: 212 Units, 12 Bldgs. Full Name: The Seasons At East Meadow Condominium I.
Approved On: 04-29-2013

Condo Name: Watertree Of Dewitt Condo
Condo FHA ID: P016648
Address: 6540 Kirkville Road, East Syracuse, NY - 13057
Description: 168 Residential Units
Approved On: 04-10-2013

Condo Name: Plaza 75 Ii Condominium
Condo FHA ID: P009842
Address: 40-40 75th St, Elmhurst, NY - 11373
Description: 58 Residential Units
Approved On: 12-18-2012

Condo Name: Overlook Pointe Condominium I
Condo FHA ID: P016410
Address: Brockway Rd., Fishkill, NY - 12508
Description: 3 Buildings Containing A Total Of 24 Residential Units
Approved On: 01-04-2013

Condo Name: Regency At Fishkill Condo I
Condo FHA ID: P003340
Address: W.merritt Blvd, Fishkill, NY - 12524
Description: 115 Units Ph 1
14 Affordable Housing Units Excluded
Approved On: 01-15-2014

Condo Name: Van Wyck Mews Condominium I
Condo FHA ID: P003338
Address: Merritt Blvd., Fishkill, NY - 12524
Description: Bldgs 1-10 - 195 Units
**see Comments**
Approved On: 01-07-2014

Condo Name: Pheasant Run Estates
Condo FHA ID: P015846
Address: Moores Lane, Greenport, NY - 11944
Description: 60 Residential Units (phase 1 - Units #1-20; Phase 2 - Units #41-60; Phase 3 - 20 Units)
Approved On: 09-17-2012

Condo Name: The High Pointe Of Hartsdale**
Condo FHA ID: P015421
Address: High Pointe Drive, Hartsdale, NY - 10530
Description: 116 Residential Units. **full Project Name: The High Pointe Of Hartsdale Ii Condominium
Approved On: 05-18-2012

Condo Name: Hudson Pines Condominium
Condo FHA ID: P011530
Address: All Addresses Within Project, Haverstraw, NY - 10927
Description: 36 Residential Units Approved.
Approved On: 09-19-2013

Condo Name: Frontstead Towne House Condo
Condo FHA ID: P015426
Address: 676-684 Front Street, Hempstead, NY - 11550
Description: 5 (2 Story) Bldgs. - 40 Residential Units
Approved On: 03-19-2012

Condo Name: Wildwood Estates By Timber
Condo FHA ID: P016275
Address: 5534 Expressway Drive South, Holtsville, NY - 11742
Description: 6 Buildings, 58 Units
Approved On: 05-03-2013

Condo Name: Riviera Highland Condominium
Condo FHA ID: P009636
Address: 170-12 Highland Ave, Jamaica Estates, NY - 11432
Description: 1(6-story) Building - 18 Units
Approved On: 06-06-2012

Condo Name: Metrofalls Condominium
Condo FHA ID: P011327
Address: 116-11 Curon Rd, Kew Gardens, NY - 11415
Description: 46 Residential Units
Approved On: 02-22-2013

Condo Name: Encore Lake Grove Homeowners
Condo FHA ID: P014000
Address: Symphone Drive, Lake Grove, NY - 11755
Description: 228 Units
full Name Is Encore Lake Grove Homeowners Association Inc.
project Consists Of Two Declared Condos, Encore Lake Grove 1 And Encore Lak
Approved On: 11-14-2013

Condo Name: Towne-house Apts At Lido Beach
Condo FHA ID: P003690
Address: 750 Lido Blvd, Lido Beach, NY - 11561
Description: 224 Residential Units
Approved On: 04-03-2013

Condo Name: Heritage Townhouses Condos*
Condo FHA ID: P014981
Address: Heritage Drive, Liverpool, NY - 13090
Description: 7 Buildings; 32 Units
full Name Of Project: Heritage Townhouses Condominiums
Approved On: 03-13-2013

Condo Name: New Grenadier Village I
Condo FHA ID: P003273
Address: 100 Kings Park Drive, Liverpool, NY - 13088
Description: 80 Units
Approved On: 08-14-2013

Condo Name: 1 Vernon Jackson
Condo FHA ID: P009907
Address: 1017 Jackson Ave, Long Island City, NY - 11101
Description: 32 Residential Units
Approved On: 05-15-2012

Condo Name: L Haus Condominium
Condo FHA ID: P010666
Address: 11-02 49th Avenue, Long Island City, NY - 11101
Description: 1 Building - 123 - Residential Units
Approved On: 05-04-2012

Condo Name: The Industry Lic Condominium
Condo FHA ID: P010632
Address: 21-45 44th Street, Long Island City, NY - 11101
Description: 1 Building - 75 Residential Units
Approved On: 06-28-2012

Condo Name: Sweetwater Condominium
Condo FHA ID: P009808
Address: 225 Stanley Ave, Mamaroneck, NY - 10543
Description: 1 Building - 90 Residential Units
Approved On: 08-08-2012

Condo Name: Blue Ridge Condominium I
Condo FHA ID: P014448
Address: 1-452 Birchwood Road, Medford, NY - 11763
Description: Total Of 452 Units In 150 Buildings And 1 Phase.
Approved On: 07-18-2013

Condo Name: Blue Ridge Condominium Ii
Condo FHA ID: P012041
Address: 888 Golf Lane, Medford, NY - 11763
Description: 414 Residential Units
Approved On: 12-04-2013

Condo Name: Meadowbrook Pointe Links Condo
Condo FHA ID: P014118
Address: Medford, NY - 11763
Description: 82 Residential Units-full Legal Name Of Project Meadowbrook Pointe Links Condominium 1)-(see Comments)
Approved On: 09-27-2013

Condo Name: Meadowbrook Pointe Links Ii*
Condo FHA ID: P015888
Address: Mill Rd, Medford, NY - 11763
Description: 110 Residential Units. *full Project Name: Meadowbrook Pointe Links Condominium Ii A/k/a Mill Pond Estates Section Ii
Approved On: 08-08-2012

Condo Name: Coves At Melville Condo I
Condo FHA ID: P017013
Address: 92 Morley Circle, Melville, NY - 11747
Description: 7 Bldgs. - 92 Residential Units (24 Affordable Housing Units Not Eligible)
see Comments
Approved On: 12-09-2013

Condo Name: Coves At Melville Condo Ii
Condo FHA ID: P017014
Address: 174 Morley Circle, Melville, NY - 11747
Description: 6 Bldgs. - 82 Residential Units (11 Affordable Housing Units Not Eligible)

see Comments
Approved On: 11-26-2013

Condo Name: Fairview At Artist Lake Ii
Condo FHA ID: P003666
Address: Artist Lake Dr, Middle Island, NY - 11953
Description: 170 Residential Units
Approved On: 04-11-2013

Condo Name: Hidden Creek At Monroe Condo 3
Condo FHA ID: P016093
Address: Freeland St, Monroe, NY - 10950
Description: 28 Residential Units
Approved On: 08-17-2012

Condo Name: Hidden Creek At Monroe Condo I
Condo FHA ID: P009790
Address: 2 Peter Turner Rd, Monroe, NY - 10950
Description: Phase 1 - Buildings 1-4, 25 Residential Units
Approved On: 04-18-2013

Condo Name: Pine Ridge Condominium
Condo FHA ID: P003687
Address: Lois Ln & Nancy Ct, Monroe, NY - 10950
Description: 78 Residential Units
Approved On: 07-19-2012

Condo Name: Coachlight Square On Th Hudson
Condo FHA ID: P003643
Address: King's Ferry Ave, Coachlight Square, Montrose, NY - 10548
Description: 210 Units.
Approved On: 07-16-2012

Condo Name: Lorraine Terrace Condo
Condo FHA ID: P015606
Address: 17 Lorraine Ter, Mount Vernon, NY - 10553
Description: 78 Unit Established Project
Approved On: 03-26-2012

Condo Name: South 11th Condominium
Condo FHA ID: P009656
Address: 510-514 South 11th Street, Mount Vernon, NY - 10550
Description: 3 Units/ Two Story Bldg.
Approved On: 08-06-2012

Condo Name: Glenview Terrace Condominium
Condo FHA ID: P009956
Address: 2 Terrace Park Lane, New Rochelle, NY - 10805
Description: 2 Buildings - 12 Residential Units
Approved On: 03-01-2012

Condo Name: Knickerbocker Lofts Condos
Condo FHA ID: P003753
Address: 52 Webster Avenue, New Rochelle, NY - 10801
Description: 45 Residential Units Plus 1 Commercial Unit (less Than 20%) / 1 Building
Approved On: 09-24-2012

Condo Name: Washington Green Condominium I
Condo FHA ID: P003664
Address: New Windsor, New Windsor, NY - 12553
Description: 17 Buildings; 96 Units
Approved On: 03-28-2012

Condo Name: Village Meadows Condominium
Condo FHA ID: P003311
Address: Hillside Drive, Niskayuna, NY - 12309
Description: Approval Is For Village Meadows Condominiums (3 Bldgs-24 Units); Village Meadows Condominiums Ii (2 Bldgs-16 Units); Village Meadows Condominiums Iii
Approved On: 11-25-2013

Condo Name: Acorn Ponds At North Hills Ii
Condo FHA ID: P012035
Address: 155-274 Acorn Ponds Drive, North Hills, NY - 11576
Description: 120 Units. (legal Name Of Project) Acorn Ponds At North Hills Condo Ii) Condominiums Within Master- Should Be Approved Separately.
Approved On: 08-15-2012

Condo Name: Oak Creek Commons Condominium
Condo FHA ID: P013386
Address: 101-406 Okeefe Court, Oakdale, NY - 11769
Description: Project Consists Of 32 Units In 4 Two-story Buildings.
Approved On: 12-13-2013

Condo Name: Quaker Meadows Condominiums
Condo FHA ID: P003364
Address: 10-105 Carriage Drive, Orchard Park, NY - 14127
Description: 16 Buildings Containing 128 Units, Garden Apts And Townehouse Units. (no Building Contains Both Unit Types)
Approved On: 01-11-2013

Condo Name: Mystic Pointe Condominium I&2
Condo FHA ID: P015774
Address: 15 High Ridge Rd, Ossining, NY - 10562
Description: 2 Phases, 2 Building, 168 Units
Approved On: 05-08-2012

Condo Name: The Riverwalk Condominium I
Condo FHA ID: P015626
Address: West Avenue, Patchogue, NY - 11772
Description: 27 Units In 3 Bldgs.
Approved On: 03-30-2012

Condo Name: The Riverwalk Condominium I
Condo FHA ID: P015626
Address: West Avenue, Patchogue, NY - 11772
Description: This Submission Is For Second Phase - The Riverwalk Condominium 2
Subject Phase Is 44 Residential Units Within 5 Buildings (mix Of Condo Flats &
Approved On: 07-30-2013

Condo Name: Celia Gardens Condominium
Condo FHA ID: P003733
Address: 219-241 N Middletown Rd, Pearl River, NY - 10965
Description: 98 Units In 12 Buildings
Approved On: 06-04-2013

Condo Name: The Woods Iii In Westchester*
Condo FHA ID: P009684
Address: Woodbrooke Dr, Peekskill, NY - 10566
Description: 15 Buildings - 120 Units
*legal Name: The Woods Iii In Westchester Condominium I*
Approved On: 09-13-2012

Condo Name: The Woods Iii Westchester Iii
Condo FHA ID: P016601
Address: Hemlock Cir, Peekskill, NY - 10566
Description: 64 Units. Full Name: The Woods Iii In Westchester Condominium Iii. Jointly Admin'std W/ The Woods Iii In Westchester Condo Iv.
Approved On: 05-08-2013

Condo Name: The Woods Iii Westchester Iv
Condo FHA ID: P016602
Address: 1 Hemlock Cir, Peekskill, NY - 10566
Description: 64 Units. Full Name: The Woods Iii In Westchester Condominium Iv. Adminst'd Jointly W/ The Woods Iii In Westchester Condominium Iii.
Approved On: 05-08-2013

Condo Name: Lockwood Condominium
Condo FHA ID: P016841
Address: 18 Lockwood Drive, Pittsford, NY - 14534
Description: 4 Bldgs. - 24 Residential Units
Approved On: 10-24-2013

Condo Name: Cedar Ridge Ii @town N Country
Condo FHA ID: P003627
Address: 506 Country Club Ln, Pomona, NY - 10970
Description: 79 Units
Approved On: 11-14-2012

Condo Name: Town N Country Ii*
Condo FHA ID: P012695
Address: Country Club Lane, Pomona, NY - 10970
Description: 22 Buildings, 220 Units
*condo Legal Name: Town 'n Country Condominium Ii
Approved On: 12-21-2012

Condo Name: Brookchester Court Condo
Condo FHA ID: P015956
Address: 342 Westchester Avenue, Port Chester, NY - 10573
Description: 39 Residential Units
Approved On: 09-21-2012

Condo Name: The Townhomes@inwood Lake Ii
Condo FHA ID: P015893
Address: Poughkeepsie, NY - 12603
Description: 36 Units
Approved On: 06-06-2012

Condo Name: Millennium 99 Condominium
Condo FHA ID: P017003
Address: 63-36 99th Street, Rego Park, NY - 11374
Description: 66 Units
Approved On: 10-30-2013

Condo Name: Surrey Hill Condominium
Condo FHA ID: P013132
Address: 1000 Surrey Hill Way, Rochester, NY - 14623
Description: 194 Unit Complex
Approved On: 04-04-2013

Condo Name: Windsor Village 2 Condominium
Condo FHA ID: P015604
Address: 139 Norwich Dr, Rochester, NY - 14624
Description: 7 Bldgs, Containing A Total Of 28 Units
Approved On: 03-26-2012

Condo Name: Ocean Colony Condominiums*
Condo FHA ID: P003774
Address: 103-02 Rockaway Beach Boulevard, Rockaway Park, NY - 11694
Description: 1 Building, 52 Units.
*full Name For Project: Ocean Colony Condominiums At Rockaway Park
Approved On: 11-05-2013

Condo Name: Acorn Ponds At North Hills I*
Condo FHA ID: P014242
Address: 11 Spring Hollow, Roslyn, NY - 11576
Description: *condo Legal Name: Acorn Ponds At North Hills Condominium 1
154 Residential Units In 17 Buildings
Approved On: 11-05-2013

Condo Name: Twin Maples Condominium
Condo FHA ID: P003276
Address: Tiger Maple Rd, Red Maple Rd., Saugerties, NY - 12477
Description: 40 Units, 5 Buildings.
Approved On: 12-11-2013

Condo Name: The Willows Condominium
Condo FHA ID: P016472
Address: 11 Jackson Ave, Scarsdale, NY - 10583
Description: 81 Units.
Approved On: 04-17-2013

Condo Name: Riverside Condominiums*
Condo FHA ID: P003336
Address: Front Street, Schenectady, NY - 12305
Description: 30 Units
*condo Legal Name: Riverside Condominium Board Of Managers, Inc.
Approved On: 04-25-2012

Condo Name: Mitchel Lane Condominium
Condo FHA ID: P016229
Address: 40, 46 And 54 Mitchel Lane, Staten Island, NY - 10302
Description: 6 Residential Units Located In 3 Buildings
Approved On: 10-12-2012

Condo Name: The Pointe Condominium
Condo FHA ID: P015517
Address: 155 Bay Street, Staten Island, NY - 10301
Description: 57 Units
Approved On: 03-30-2012

Condo Name: Millcreek Townhouses Condo.
Condo FHA ID: P015904
Address: Ellicott Creek Rd., Tonawanda, NY - 14150
Description: 20 Units. Built 1980; Converted 1988. Full Name: Millcreek Townhouses Condominium.
Approved On: 06-12-2012

Condo Name: Hampton Place Comm Association
Condo FHA ID: P003272
Address: 422 Hampton Place, Troy, NY - 12180
Description: 3 Phases 152 Units
Approved On: 03-01-2012

Condo Name: Highpointe Condominium I
Condo FHA ID: P015787
Address: Diamond Rock Circle, Troy, NY - 12182
Description: 32 Units (4 Story Bldgs)
Approved On: 05-10-2012

Condo Name: Highpointe Condominium Ii
Condo FHA ID: P015244
Address: Apex Lane, Troy, NY - 12182
Description: 4 Bldgs.(#5-8)- 32 Residential Units
Approved On: 02-09-2012

Condo Name: Hidden Creek At Monroe 4
Condo FHA ID: P016766
Address: 23 Freeland St., Village Of Monroe, NY - 10950
Description: 28 Units
Approved On: 06-07-2013

Condo Name: Park Place Condominium
Condo FHA ID: P016900
Address: 1115 Youngs Road, Williamsville, NY - 14221
Description: 104 Units In 14 Buildings. Garden Style Residential Properties.
Approved On: 08-08-2013

Condo Name: Eagle Chase Condominium
Condo FHA ID: P015627
Address: 95 Eagle Chase, Woodbury, NY - 11797
Description: 99 Total Approved Units, All Within 19 Bldgs.
Approved On: 03-30-2012

Condo Name: Six One Woodside
Condo FHA ID: P003758
Address: 33-30 61st Street, Woodside, NY - 11377
Description: 23 Residential Units
Approved On: 09-13-2012

Condo Name: Seasons Of North Greenbush**
Condo FHA ID: P013785
Address: 101-608 Worthington Terrace, Wynantskill, NY - 12198
Description: Bldgs. (1-6) / 47 Residential Units
**legal Name: Seasons Of North Greenbush Condominium, Inc.**
see Comments
Approved On: 11-07-2013

Condo Name: Monarch At Ridge Hill Condo 1
Condo FHA ID: P010044
Address: Ridge Hill Blvd, Yonkers, NY - 10710
Description: 13 Story Building;162 Units
the Following 16 Units Not Eligibe For Fha Financing 1a,1b,2a,2c,2j,3a,4a,4j,5i,6e,6j,7c,7e,7i,8e And 8i.
Approved On: 03-15-2012

Condo Name: Westchester Terrace@crisfield*
Condo FHA ID: P011665
Address: 66 Crisfield Street, Yonkers, NY - 10710
Description: 62 Residentail Units
*legal Name: Westchester Terrace At Crisfield Condominium*
Approved On: 09-13-2012