FHA Approved Condos in Waterford, MI.

EXPIRED ( 10 )
Condo Name: Elden Place North Condominium
Condo FHA ID: P017071
Address: 4288 Elden Place, Waterford, MI - 48329
Description: 11 Residential Units
Approved On: 11-22-2013
Expired on: 11-22-2015

Condo Name: Golfview Condominiums, Inc.
Condo FHA ID: P013870
Address: Pontiac Lake Rd, Waterford, MI - 48327
Description: 20 Residential Units
Approved On: 12-18-2012
Expired on: 12-18-2014

Condo Name: Harbor Cove Waterford**
Condo FHA ID: P015805
Address: 4905 Oak Hill Drive, Waterford, MI - 48329
Description: 54 Units
**full Legal Name Of The Project Is Harbor Cove Waterford Condominium
Approved On: 06-07-2012
Expired on: 06-07-2014

Condo Name: Harbor Oaks Condominium
Condo FHA ID: P009173
Address: 4898 Harbor Pointe Drive, Waterford Twp, MI - 48329
Description: 108 Units, 2 Phases.
Approved On: 09-12-2013
Expired on: 09-12-2015

Condo Name: Hidden Ridge Of Waterford
Condo FHA ID: P009208
Address: Hidden Trail & Hidden Ridge Drive, Waterford Twp, MI - 48328
Description: 92 Residential Units.
Approved On: 01-07-2013
Expired on: 01-07-2015

Condo Name: Lake Ridge
Condo FHA ID: P009153
Address: Lake Ridge Court, Waterford Twp, MI - 48327
Description: 80 Residential Units
Approved On: 12-18-2012
Expired on: 12-18-2014

Condo Name: Magnolia Park Condominium
Condo FHA ID: P010975
Address: 7152 Magnolia Ln, Waterford, MI - 48327
Description: 158 Attached Units And One Site Condo Unit.
Approved On: 06-04-2013
Expired on: 06-04-2015

Condo Name: Millstone Park
Condo FHA ID: P016413
Address: Millstone Dr, Waterford, MI - 48328
Description: 60 Units Declard In Ph 1; 30 Built As Of 1.4.13. Can Expand To 64.
Approved On: 02-27-2013
Expired on: 02-27-2015

Condo Name: Port Cove Condominium
Condo FHA ID: P009348
Address: Port Cove Drive, Waterford Twp, MI - 48328
Description: 86 Units, 5 Buildings
Approved On: 08-20-2013
Expired on: 08-20-2015

Condo Name: Scott Lake Coves Condominium
Condo FHA ID: P016974
Address: 3077 Harbor Ct, Waterford, MI - 48328
Description: 50 Unit Project
Approved On: 10-17-2013
Expired on: 10-17-2015

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