FHA Approved Condos in Rockville, MD.

EXPIRED ( 20 )
Condo Name: Americana Centre
Condo FHA ID: P006753
Address: Monroe Street, Rockville, MD - 20850
Description: 425 Residential Units(see Comments)
Approved On: 08-30-2013
Expired on: 08-30-2015

Condo Name: Bailey's Common Condo Iii
Condo FHA ID: P016905
Address: 327 King Farm Blvd, Rockville, MD - 20850
Description: ?see Comments?
Approved On: 08-22-2013
Expired on: 08-22-2015

Condo Name: Bentley Place Condominium
Condo FHA ID: P006799
Address: Barbados Place, Rockville, MD - 20852
Description: 240 Residential Units
see Comments
Approved On: 08-28-2013
Expired on: 08-28-2015

Condo Name: Bethesda Park, A Condominium
Condo FHA ID: P006800
Address: Braxfield Ct & Parklawn Dr, Rockville, MD - 20852
Description: 568 Residential Units
Approved On: 01-03-2013
Expired on: 01-03-2015

Condo Name: College Square Condominium
Condo FHA ID: P011773
Address: Ivy League Lane, Rockville, MD - 20850
Description: 146 Residential Units
Approved On: 08-13-2013
Expired on: 08-13-2015

Condo Name: Condo Resdncs Ii Of Fallsgrove
Condo FHA ID: P016666
Address: 701 Fallsgrove Dr, Rockville, MD - 20850
Description: 48 Units, 1 Bldg. Full Name: Condominium Residences Ii Of Fallsgrove.
Approved On: 04-18-2013
Expired on: 04-18-2015

Condo Name: Georgetown Village Condo
Condo FHA ID: P007373
Address: Commonwealth Dr, Rockville, MD - 20852
Description: 304 Residential Units.
Approved On: 03-25-2013
Expired on: 03-25-2015

Condo Name: Grosvenor Park Condominium
Condo FHA ID: P014545
Address: 10201 Grosvenor Pl, Rockville, MD - 20852
Description: 1 16-story Building Containing 399 Residential Units
Approved On: 07-15-2013
Expired on: 07-15-2015

Condo Name: Grosvenor Park Ii Condo
Condo FHA ID: P011276
Address: 10500 Rockville Place, Rockville, MD - 20852
Description: 422 Units- Condo Conversion -converted From Apartments 1976
Approved On: 06-27-2012
Expired on: 06-27-2014

Condo Name: Grosvenor Park Iii Condominium
Condo FHA ID: P011858
Address: 10401 Grosvenor Pl, Rockville, MD - 20852
Description: 414 Residential Units.
Approved On: 04-25-2013
Expired on: 04-25-2015

Condo Name: Grosvenor Park Townhouse**
Condo FHA ID: P012512
Address: All Streets In Project, Rockville, MD - 20852
Description: 189 Units
**legal Name: Grosvenor Park Townhouse Condominium**
Approved On: 03-29-2013
Expired on: 03-29-2015

Condo Name: King Farm Condominium
Condo FHA ID: P006737
Address: Watkins Pond Boulvard, Rockville, MD - 20850
Description: 92 Units, 5 Buildings.
see Comments
Approved On: 09-04-2013
Expired on: 09-04-2015

Condo Name: King Farm Village Center 1
Condo FHA ID: P015674
Address: All Streets Within Project, Rockville, MD - 20850
Description: 51 Units
Approved On: 04-12-2012
Expired on: 04-12-2014

Condo Name: King Farm Village Center Ii
Condo FHA ID: P015832
Address: 3030 Redland Blvd, Rockville, MD - 20850
Description: 3 17unit Buildings
Approved On: 05-17-2012
Expired on: 05-17-2014

Condo Name: Luxberry Courts Condo
Condo FHA ID: P011258
Address: Balsam Grove Ct, Rockville, MD - 20852
Description: 108 Residential Units
Approved On: 09-24-2013
Expired on: 09-24-2015

Condo Name: Midtown Bethesda North Condo
Condo FHA ID: P007058
Address: 5750 Bou Ave, Rockville, MD - 20852
Description: 230 Units Approved. City Also Known As 'north Bethesda.'
Approved On: 11-15-2012
Expired on: 11-15-2014

Condo Name: Miramont Villas Condo
Condo FHA ID: P007564
Address: California Circle, E Jefferson St, Rockville, MD - 20852
Description: 120 Residential Units
Approved On: 11-26-2012
Expired on: 11-26-2014

Condo Name: Montrose Woods
Condo FHA ID: P010295
Address: 6110 Executive Blvd., Rockville, MD - 20852
Description: Existing Attached Row/townhouse, 4 Phases
Approved On: 08-31-2012
Expired on: 08-31-2014

Condo Name: North Creek Place Condominium
Condo FHA ID: P007593
Address: Burnside Drive, Rockville, MD - 20853
Description: 218 Units.
Approved On: 05-20-2013
Expired on: 05-20-2015

Condo Name: North Creek Villas
Condo FHA ID: P007580
Address: Parkvale Rd., Rockville, MD - 20853
Description: 96 Units.
Approved On: 07-25-2012
Expired on: 07-25-2014